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We offer a number of strategic pricing services

Pricing M.D. Services

Below you will find descriptions of our most commonly sought after Pricing Services that our customers seek help with.

These services have been packaged to assist you to make incremental improvements to your revenues and profits, without having to undertake a complete overhaul of your pricing practices.

If you believe you need assistance with something not covered below, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss tailoring a solution to your specific needs.

1. Diagnosis of Pricing Practices

These services are designed to provide clients with an understanding of the ‘current state’ of pricing across their organisation. The various services include the identification of shortfalls versus best practices, the realisation as to which ones are most critical, and actions that can be taken to address them. This is not just an assessment of computer technology (I.T.) processes and capabilities. It is a comprehensive review of all of the organisation’s processes that lead to the final price being achieved.

At the conclusion of these services, you will be armed with an understanding as to how to improve your internal processes and interactions across departments that will allow you to capture significant revenue and profit opportunities that are currently being lost.

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2. Detection of Price and Profit Leakage

If you are looking for specifics on items and customers as well as practices, where your business is ‘leaving money on the table’, then this service is what you need.

This is a much more data intensive service that focuses specifically on lost revenues and profits tied specifically to current pricing activities. Part of the service includes a clinical examination of actual prices that were achieved in the past by forensically reviewing client data.

The value for the client is the identification of which 'net price reduction' activities are occurring and where in the process they happen, with no corresponding increase in overall customer value to your organisation. Once identified and quantified, these activities can then be prioritised for review.

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3. Pricing Coaching and Mentoring

The Coaching and Mentoring Services offer one on one mentoring on how to handle various known pricing processes and pricing events effectively.

This service can be conducted in person and/or by phone or online video platforms. The nominated individual(s) within your organisation receive direct and expert coaching / mentoring on pricing techniques to improve the outputs of their staff.

This educational approach allows you to gain the knowledge of “how to” address your pricing issues. This upside will then be able to be used and re-used by your staff without the need to either add people or re-engage contractors to address similar pricing issues in the future.

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4. Customer Loyalty Program Assessment

Customer loyalty is something that all businesses strive for. Repeat purchases from existing customers are generally the most profitable types of sales that you have.

So businesses are increasingly considering implementing or changing a customer loyalty programs. If so, do you know what the returns are on any current program you are running? Or what you need them to be from any proposed program?

Pricing MD can provide an independent assessment of the cost of your existing customer loyalty programs and / or the value in establishing a new one. We can also assist in recommending and designing new or replacement programs.

If you are seeking to ensure that your customers are truly provided with an incentive to remain loyal, while ensuring that program is beneficial to your bottom line, then this service will give you that complete understanding.

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5. Pricing Training Programs

Pricing MD can deliver customised Pricing Training to suit a variety of audiences including: Executive Pricing Training Sessions; Management – including Sales, Commercial, Finance, and Pricing Team management; Sales Training; and, Customer Service Sessions.

There are a variety of levels within the organisation that must contribute to getting the overall pricing processes to a world class standard. This will revolve around ensuring that all of these collective groups have an understanding of how they can directly impact your prices.

Additionally, if you intend to re-design your complete pricing system, then training will be a key component in ensuring the uptake and integration of the change by your staff.

Pricing MD can assist you to design and deliver this content to ensure you have the most successful launch of your new pricing possible.

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6. Segmentation Analysis

Organisations are organic entities. They are involved in vastly different industries with widely variant numbers of customers. At the same time each organisation will be at its own unique stage in its development lifecycle. No two are exactly the same.

This concept extends to how each business organises its customer base into segments in order to best service them. There is no “one size fits all” solution to customer segmentation. But, there is a high likelihood that it is something that the business defaults to rather than actively manages!

This service will examine the current segmentation employed by your organisation. It will identify and quantify any anomalies within the current structure. Where there are opportunities and the technical capabilities to improve upon the current state, actionable recommendations are proposed for implementation.

At the conclusion of the effort, the client will have a more flexible and manageable customer segmentation system that delivers greater profitability.

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7. Customer Profitability Analysis

Many organisations chase sales volumes in pursuit of target or budget revenue goals. At different times of monthly, quarterly, and annual calendars, the pressure to deliver against those targets results in chasing volumes at any price. It is a never-ending cycle to close every deal where the only winner is the toughest negotiator.

Pricing MD has created a service that will reveal the real ‘cost’ of this type of strategy.

Pricing MD conducts a highly data intensive study of your customers and their transactions. We carefully dissect all of the intertwined elements of a sales transaction and develop for you a thorough understanding of profitable versus unprofitable customers based on their actual sales. At the conclusion of the work you will see which of your customers are generating value for your organisation, and which customers are not.

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8. Pricing Project Readiness Assessment

As a CEO, General Manager, Senior Executive or Business Owner, you will be well versed in the leverage that improved pricing has on both revenue and bottom line performance.

Knowing that, you may be considering reworking or re-designing your organisations Pricing Processes and Systems to achieve that next level of profitability.

But what will that involve? What amount of resources, time, and cost will be involved?

Like all strategic initiatives, changing your pricing processes or system is not something that should be undertaken without fully understanding the complexity of the task.

In short, Pricing is one of if not the most sensitive and visible areas of customer contact that your organisation manages. In managing complex projects, understanding your current state prior to commencing any change is always the most prudent approach.

This service assesses the entire organisation for readiness and preparedness for undertaking such a critical, expensive, and long term project. It will identify any items that may and can be addressed in preparation for the main project. In effect, this service seeks to eliminate existing pitfalls as soon as possible, and aims to ‘save the project’ before it commences.

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9. Complete Pricing System Reviews and Implementations

If your organisation determines that a complete overhaul of the pricing system and processes is the solution, then Pricing MD can assist you.

Whether you are looking for an advisor, coach, consultant, expert team member, mentor, or project management assistance, Pricing MD can assist you.

Pricing MD has expertise and experience in all aspects of Pricing System Implementations and overhauls and we can offer a variety of levels of involvement in working with you to successfully move along your journey towards world class pricing capability.

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